Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dredge Yard in The International Conference on Waterways, Port Engineering and Dredging Technology in India

EADA (India) in association with Department of Harbour & Ocean Engineering AMET UNIVERSITY (Deemed) organized The International Conference on WATERWAYS, PORT ENGINEERING AND DREDGING TECHNOLOGY that took place on 2nd  March in Chennai, India.
Some of the topics that were covered in the conference were about the new Dredging Techniques and Equipment, Contracts, Legislation and Engineer Determination , Planning and Execution of the Dredging Projects  and of course Opportunities of Dredging in India.

Dredge Yard, main sponsor of the event, was represented by Manish Jangir, Senior Design Engineer, that spoke about the latest trend in dredging industry: CONVERTING AND UPGRADING DREDGERS. ,, All type of dredgers can be subject for modifications that can vary from replacing a single pump with more efficiency to the whole suction/discharge system of the dredger or literally converting existing barges and vessels into dredgers. “

Dredge Yard in EADA
Manish Jangir representing Dredge Yard in EADA

Upgrading of existing dredger systems is quite practical as it offers reusability and functionality of the old dredger with low investment.
Conversion of existing vessel into dredger can help in increasing the capacity and capability of the dredging companies in much lesser time with a huge saving in investment.
Modification of dredger is also needed when the dredger supplied may not meet up the requirements and slight changes in the parts or system can make it appropriate for the project requirements.

“Modifying or converting old vessels will always be considered the mostconvenient alternative due to the cost cutsless time involved in the makeover of an old ship than building a new one and the possibility of customizing the vesselaccording to the customers’ needs.” added Manish Jangir.
EADA is a national chapter of EADA that provides a forum for the exchange of quality information on dredging techniques, technology and dredged material management, and for the development of good practice guidance.

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