Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DREDGE YARD delivers dredge equipment for upgrading two TSHD

Dredge Yard has successfully supplied key dredge equipment for the upgrading of two existing TSHDs, the dredging capacity needed to be increased to enable the operator to complete dredging works in shorter time periods and in a more cost effective manner.

The TSHDs were upgraded by installing a shore discharge line on board and a bow coupling system on the stern of each dredger. The new discharge line will allow the dredgers to offload the material through a floating pipeline that will be connected to the bow coupling. The bow coupling also has the option for rainbowing through a nozzle if required.

The various components supplied with the discharge line include hydraulic gate valves, a complete bow coupling with structure, dredge pipes and bends. In addition, all hydraulic cylinders for the bottom doors were replaced by Dredge Yard.

The dredge bow couplings allow the dredgers to couple and decouple the floating discharge pipeline in the fastest and safest way. Locking parts of the couplings were made of stainless steel and the wet parts were made of high wear resistant material to increase the life time of couplings.

The dredge valves supplied are all hydraulically operated with the gates made from stainless steel and an innovative rubber seal reinforced internally by steel rings.

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