Monday, February 23, 2015

Dredge Yard took part in the 2nd International Forum of Dredging Companies

Dredge Yard was sponsor for the second year of The International Forum of Dredging Companies, organized by the Media-Group Port News with the assistance of the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation.

The forum was held on February 19, 2015 in Moscow, in St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya, distinguished in its rich history and surrounded by historical buildings with a centralized location at the corner of Nikol'skaya Street and Bolshoi Cherkassky Lane.

The International Forum of Dredging Companies brought together specialists from around the world to share their expertise in new dredging and land reclamation technologies, state-of-the-art equipment for operations in seaports’ water area and to present the audience with Russian ports’ demand of dredging and land reclamation works.

Dredge Yard, represented in the forum by Iulia Berchiu and Basel Yousef, brought up the topic of the modification and conversion of existing vessels that is the best solution for companies which have limited time and budget to invest in the building of a new dredger.
Upgrading a dredge pump - Dredge Yard Makina, Turkey

“All type of dredgers can be subject for modifications that can vary from replacing a single pump with more efficiency to the whole suction/discharge system of the dredger or literally converting existing barges and vessels into dredgers. “ said Basel Yousef, Dredge Yard’s CEO.
Upgrade Dredge Pumps Efficiency

Moreover modifications can be done during the replacement of the old equipment like the pump for example without any additional expenses.

,,Modifying or converting old vessels will always be considered the most convenient alternative due to the cost cuts, less time involved in the makeover of an old ship than building a new one and the possibility of customizing the vessel according to the customers’ needs.” added Iulia Berchiu, Marketing Manager of Dredge Yard.

Dredge Yard's Marketing Manager, Iulia Berchiu & Elena Snitko, Head and Lead Analyst of PortNews Media Group

Dredge Pump - Dredge Yard 

Dredge Swivel Bend

Double Wall Dredge Pipe

Dredge Hopper Unloading System

Dredge Hopper Unloading System

Dredge Yard has gained vast expertise in various projects by upgrading or converting
existing vessels or dredgers and knows what positive impact are bringing
all these modifications.

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