Thursday, May 14, 2015

VIDEO: Production of Dredge Yard Valves | Dredging Today

VIDEO: Production of Dredge Yard Valves | Dredging Today

Dredge Yard recently delivered dredge valves of sizes 600, 700 and 750 mm internal diameter, needed for the discharge pipeline on board of two trailing suction hopper dredgers.
Fabrication was done in-house at Dredge Yard’s production facilities.
The body of the dredge valve was fabricated from high tensile steel and the valve’s gate is made of corrosion resistant and hardened steel, protecting it against the rust and wear. For conservation of the outer surface of the valve a high quality marine type paint was applied to protect it against corrosion.
These types of dredge valves can be produced for three different working duties varying between 10, 20 and 30 bar according to the customer’s requirements and applications.

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