Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dredge Yard expansion

Dredge Yard has recently invested in additional new machines in its workshop in Turkey including CNC vertical lathes and a CNC Pattern Maker in order to increase its capacity in the machining and assembly shop to bring these functions up to the capacity of the casting and fettling shops.

Dredge Yard Makina in Turkey
Dredge Yard's subsidiary in Izmit, Turkey is focusing on production of components and equipment needed for the dredging and mining industries. Some of the main components supplied from Dredge Yard at Makina are dredge pumps, dredge ball joints, turning glands, swivel bends, dredge valves, tumbler blocks and cutter heads.

Dredge Yard is also co-operating with many new partners in the region for the casting and machining in order to cope with the demand for the company’s products.

Dredge Ball Joint in Dredge Yard Makina
The company is able to supply components in multiple materials that can be used in dredge pumps, ball joints, bends and many others. Components are cast with Dredge Yard’s partners and fettling is done in the facility in Izmit.
Once the machining is done, all products are thoroughly tested, inspected and assembled at Dredge Yard work shop and made ready for transport.

The recent capacity increase will allow Dredge Yard to make its own casting patterns and machine more parts up to 2.5 meters in-house and shorten the delivery time and save transport costs.

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